Thursday, August 03, 2006

There's rain on the road

Would you, dear reader, even bother interviewing for a half-time (which always means half-money) lecturership in poetry a grand total of 17 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes before the semester starts?

And if offered that job, in that said time, you would have to:

  • pack
  • move
  • find an accessible place to live, which everyone thinks is easy because they've never had to do it
  • scare up a list of people interested in being a personal care attendant, of which there are at any given time in the world perhaps 14 who are suitably experienced, speak English, and only staggeringly strange
  • interview them
  • settle
  • remember to write syllabi
  • expend kilowatts of energy trying not to turn into Bill Knott.

I suck.


Justin Evans said...

7th time reader, 1st time caller:

You are my new hero in the cool world of poetry, so I will still hero worship you if you choose to make the move. What you have to ask yourself is: Is this situation better than the one I have? You have to be willing to separate all of the emotion from the decision and go all Adam Smith on it. After you have done the greater good thing, then discuss the emotional side of it.

After, make a totally random decision which appears to defy all logic.

I wrote Bill Knott an e-mail, then posted it as an open letter on my blog. I hope he writes back so I can really lay into him about that interview.

By the way, I am serious about the hero worship thing---but it's the kind that is lined with a little bit of jealousy because you are so much cooler than me.

Penultimatina said...

Benefits would be the deal breaker for me. In the past I had an awesome lectureship (though it was full time) that let me teach creative writing without all of the administrative work of a tt gig, and it came with benefits.

It would probably depend on the location, too.

Good question, and good luck deciding. I personally think you deserve full time, full money...or more! :)