Thursday, August 03, 2006

It took a long time to get back here

Received the first proofs of Exit Interview, the chapbook New Michigan Press is doing, and man, they look great. Very clean, very sharp. I'm excited. It shouldn't be too awfully long before it's out. Of course, gotta decide on the cover. I'm besieged by covers. Save me!


cK said...

Type "Exit" into the iStockphoto search produces wildly unmatching results.

Here's one of those standards, though, that could mean just about anything you want it to:

I'm not really helping, am I.

Paul said...

Yes, amazingly, sir, you are somehow retarding the process.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.


Ali Davis said...

Ander and New Michigan Press: may they long kick ass. Congrats on having a chapbook in such a great series!

Melanie said...

i wanna pick a cover! No fair.