Thursday, July 13, 2006

Time can only make demands

Today I ordered these. Because I am a huge nerd. I don't think I'll be able to mail them, though. Which I'm pretty sure qualifies me for even greater levels of nerdom.



Anyone cheap? In regards to web design, I mean.


I'm looking to put up a modest little homepage and if anyone is good with html, etc., and would like to help me out, give me a shout. I appreciate it.


Taylor Loy said...

I don't know about how "cheap" they are, but I'd talk to the guys at Coptix.

They do quality work. You might want to contact them just to have a $$ quote to compare others to. That way you'll know what kind of value you'll be getting.

Speak with Stephen Beck and tell him Taylor sent you.
(Dr. O'Dea's Wife works there as well)

A. D. said...

i'd be happy to help, if i can—i use html every day. just starting out with design though, on a limited budget (i use photoshop for graphics and notepad to code—no flash or anything). i wouldn't mind a project.

if you like, e-mail me with scope and specifics.