Thursday, July 13, 2006

One time one night

Excited yesterday by friends writing great poems and completely schooling me in the process, as evidenced by my cruddy outpout. That's how it goes, though.


I've a friend who's being mysterious. Which is, in fact, mysterious.


Who should I go to for domain name registration, web hosting, all that? GoDaddy?


bp said...

Hey Paul,

I've used two servers: -- one of the best reviewed sites out there. They're very communicative & helpful & easy. Highly reliable. $6.95 a month for a generous basic package if you sign up for two years. Free domain name registration. -- El Cheapo -- $3.92/month. If you're not going to use them for business purposes (i.e. people placing orders over your site etc.) they're okay. People who use them to host their business sites are frequently dissatisfied. And they communicate in broken English. No phone number to call for help, but they'll generally respond to e-mails within 24 hours. If you're using them for not-so-complex things, they're worth a shot. Bluehost is all around a better operation, but you get what you pay for.

Paul said...

Thanks, bp. I'll check out bluehost.

Sandra said...

You might doublecheck that your current email provider doesn't include free website hosting in their fees. Earthlink does; I found it cheaper to host my site on their servers for free, then go to and pay $50 (for five *years*) to simply reserve and automatically mirror it to my earthlink site.

That said, I'm focusing on the blog until I get a chance to overhaul site design. Blogger spoils you...*so* much easier to manage updates. And a lot more cross-traffic from other poets, I think.

Congratulations on the forthcoming book! I got to know your work via a poet I met at the Virginia Festival of the Book--Eliot Khalil Wilson. He's fantastic as well, and very funny.


Paul said...

Sandra, great to meet you. Eliot is the absolute best. We did a reading together in Blacksburg just before he left for the festival.