Wednesday, June 07, 2006

After the garden

Neil Young's Living with War is a complete gas. If you love Neil, as I do, you love him for many reasons, one of those being a perverse daffiness that's often off-putting to some, but to me has always been charming. This album, recorded quickly, is a broadside aimed at President Bush and his catastrophic presidency. It's tuneful rock with a slight twang over which Neil rants and raves and rolls. You wouldn't think such an album would make you smile but it delights me and I can't stop grinning. In "Let's Impeach the President," contradictory Bush sound bites play in the background while Neil and a choir shout "flip!" then "flop!". It's hysterical and damning, all at the same time.


Spending a lot of time writing the memoir. Will top 5,000 words today. Onward!


C. Dale said...

5,000 words! OMG! That is incredible. I don't think I have that many words in me in such a short stretch.

Paul said...

Well, I've made up my mind to just do it, to get it done. No more messing around with it. It's an idea I've toyed around with for three years and started a few times but never had any conviction to carry through.

shann said...

yeah for the memoir!

I have to say- I loved neil's take on everything-

and I wept like an old soldier when they went ball's out patriotic at the end!

Suzanne said...

Go, Daddy O!