Thursday, May 18, 2006


Still feeling a bit rundown, which is normal. I'm sleeping like a rock but of course I start nodding at 8:30. I'll be glad when I'm back up to speed.


Really great good news for two of my friends this week, so that lightens the mood considerably. Been taking the downtime to watch stuff like Deadwood, which is great but almost distractingly profane; 24; Veronica Mars; and whatever else catches my attention.


Sleepy even now. Wake me up!


Josh_Hanson said...

RE: Deadwood. It's more disturbing when the profanity stops distracting you, when you've become completely desensitized and walk around calling everyone and everything a cocksucker.

Amanda Auchter said...

I'm really glad that you're feeling (albeit somewhat) better.

Anonymous said...

be well, tweety bird!

Max Parker said...

Eat a chocolate taco ... it will revive you.