Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Apparently I stopped breathing during the seizure the other night: my face and lips were blue. That's a comforting thought, no?


Still feeling a little rundown, tired, but otherwise fine. I even babysat yesterday and sent off a few job applications. Wish me luck on those.


Looks like rain where I am.


Anonymous said...

Hello Paul,

What's this about a seizure?
Hope you are better by now and yes, of course, good luck with the job applications.

How go the book sales??

I can be reached at Colopoete@hotmail.com, new account.

Be well and be healthy.

"Tempo" fm the Slate Fray

cK said...

Regarding, "Comforting, no?" Indeed: No!

Kid, that's scary stuff. Glad to know you've come out on the right side of things. You are needed.

As for rain, it's spring. It always looks like rain. Let us find no metaphors in that.

shanna said...

hello, paul.

A. D. said...

best, luck.

Matthew Guenette said...

Remember, at least you're not Joey Buttufuoco...

Get well, commander. Tell me what contests your manuscript is in so I don't waste my money...

In other words, good news is--must--be coming.