Friday, May 19, 2006


On the mend, or, rather, mended, I think. Feeling back to my usual self, it appears. I had been listless, tired, run down. Now I'm back to restless and bored. Normal, in other words.


The Da Vinci Code today? It's getting drubbed, but I think there's a schadenfreude going on with the reviews, a piling on. Ron Howard is probably the one miscast here. He's too much of a populist to really stir this potboiler up.

I've never read the book so it'll at least be new to me.


I have 7 copies of my book I'd like to sell. Ten bucks, signed, postage included. Anyone interested? E-mail me if so.


august said...

I would like a book. What is your e-mail address?

[I'm august, poster from Fray. I don't know that we ever conversed, but I read your writing there quite a bit.]

Paul said...

E-mail me at