Monday, July 14, 2008


Thanks to The Kenyon Review for taking a poem, "A Long Time I've Wanted to Say Something" for their Winter issue. It's one of the closing poems of My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge, so I'm excited. First time for me in the KR. I have years of rejection slips somewhere.


Still in a cast. X-rays later this week. A new cast. Should I go with pink again or choose another color?


Working on a memoir chapter about riding the short bus in high school. In which blood, feces, and strangulation figure prominently.

Yay high school.


Keith said...

That poem rocks. Is it still on this blog somewhere? Was it ever? Maybe I don't even know what I'm talking about?

Not pink. Camouflage? Camouflage.

Paul said...

Oh, yes, pink. Just to spite you. Ha!

cat said...

pink. absolutely.

Josh_Hanson said...

y high school memories involve blood, feces, and strangulation.

Me said...

One of my favorite poems!

But more importantly,
have you had an unbearable itch inside your cast yet that you can't possibly scratch?

Get well soon.

Keith said...

You see The Dark Knight yet? Shoot me an email with your thoughts. I loved it, even with all the baggage hype.

Anonymous said...

You should get a feudal cast.