Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ike Turner passed away yesterday. I put on this album. It's a great album but it never fails to be just music, knowing what we do about their marriage.


Christmas shopping began yesterday. I've been without a check card for a week now since The Sunshine Lady lost it. Waiting on the replacement bites. I don't like to carry cash around as I was mugged once. True story.

So I opened up a new bank account at a bank I can actually get to, and bought one of those Visa gift cards. It's a passable solution.


Yesterday: 78 degrees. Blue sky. Lunch on the patio at Miller's.

Sipping tea, a tall, burly middle-aged man comes over to introduce himself. Tells me his oldest son, his boy, is T3-5. Meaning, his son broke the 3rd through 5th vertebrae. I'm C3-4. So we chatted our traumas up. His son flipped a convertible, rolled it. "We washed red clay from his skull," he said. He was obviously getting broken up, talking about it. He punched me softly a few times in the shoulder. "He tells me, 'Dad, I'm fine.'"


wutsua said...

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Anonymous said...

Love the spammers and their comments, Peter G

Catnapping said...

I met them in the early summer of 1967. She was stunning. I remember she had on a floral sun dress. She was very sweet to me and my friends.

He was a total jerk - very rude, and talked to her like she was a dog, even in front of my father and his troops.

None of my dad's men (or my dad, for that matter) batted an eye. Even if he'd back-handed her, they wouldn't have said a word. In those days, a man's man controlled his wife, even if it meant knocking a few teeth out. And Ike was a man's man.

k said...

I did a show for James Brown several years ago...he and Ike could have been buddies. Both jerks. His GF was pregnant and he treated her like CRAP.

Anonymous said...

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