Saturday, December 22, 2007

O night

Back after being out of it for a week or so. And in the interim, strange, amazing things might be in the offing.


Bought my AWP flight tickets for surprisingly cheap. Not long now.


I'm not in Carrollton, back home visiting the 'rents for the holidays. Strange to be back. I did some shopping yesterday, for my brothers, nieces, nephews, even myself: a new ultra-thin Toshiba laptop. The Macbook/Pro called my name but I couldn't justify spending twice as much for something I'd use half as much.

It's a great little machine but it's interesting to switch back now, at least during the holidays, to remember the old shortcuts.


The strange/amazing goings-on spurred me to purchase this. What's going on, you ask? Remember the memoir I was working on last summer?


Oliver de la Paz said...

Oh Paul.

You're such a brat with your little hints.


Paul said...

Don't want to jinx anything this time out.....

jeannine said...

Eek! I'm so excited. Now that would be a nice Christmas present!

K said...



Andromeda said...

Yay strange and amazing!

May said...

I had a Toshiba laptop until six months ago, then I got a MacBook Pro. I wanted to try an Apple product.

Vanessa said...

I have the MacBook Pro and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I was talked into the purchase by someone who also wanted to try a Mac but was nervous about it. The deal was if I tried it and didn't like it they would buy it from me for what I paid. I bought, tried and love! Pry it from my cold dead hand, that's the only way someone gets my MacBook now!