Monday, October 29, 2007


My giant cranium and Robert Belknap, president of the Whiting Foundation.

Thanks to Rebecca and Taylor for allowing me to steal these.


Anonymous said...

Belknap is totally making the face people should be making when they are given $50K. He should have given you guys a tutorial before you went on stage (again with the exception of the guy sitting beside you in the group photo, he obviously looks "pleased").


Paul said...

Belknap was awesome. A hoot, even. Completely adorable.

Anonymous said...

love those smiles

Anonymous said...

hi Paul,

A thousand congratulations on your Whiting!!! I've been following your poetry since Gaz...and you so deserve this award!

By the way, I went to "your" panel in Austin hoping to meet you...but you weren't there (sadly).

(would have emailed this to you privately if I'd had your email..)

my best to you,

Pat Fargnoli