Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Remember when it seemed like I'd live in this matchbox? In the weeks since, nothing had changed much, despite the best efforts of the English department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It was all dead end and brick wall.

Over the weekend, since last week, really, I had begun to think the only way this could resolve in any way that was livable was to start over, to begin with, but primarily to be willing to pay for self-determination.

Outside of finding a perfectly accessible apartment, I would have to make one as close as I could to ideal and then cope with what I couldn't resolve.

So I'll have to buy my own electric door opener, which will cost something like 1200 hundred dollars, have it installed.

But quality of life is worth something, so after some serious phoning, I'll be living here. It's a neat place, historic and all that.

Until then, I'll be selling my body on the corner. Very reasonable.


Jen said...

Define "reasonable."


Louise said...

Hey Paul- the new digs look great. That sucks about the $$ but I'm sure it will end up feeling worth it for the quality of life difference it makes.

I imagine you've looked into this already, but sometimes there are nonprofit groups/advocacy groups that can help out with these types of installations, making them affordable I mean...

Karri Paul said...

Nice crib-to-be!

I was especially grateful for Lance Saylor's picture on the website. ;)