Friday, June 22, 2007

File under: Bad omen?

Who wants to live here? No takers? Let me sell it for you. Featuring unique motel-like stylings where all exits open on to external hallways, you'll lose yourself in nauseating vertigo as you take in the single room's 9ft wide expanse. If you close your eyes and imagine bison strolling across the plains, if you smell the rich verdure of nature, if you slowly begin to succumb to suffocating claustrophobia, no one will think you violently insane.

They'll just predict you will be in the near future.

To the left is the floor plan of what is apparently my best option for somewhere to live. A 9 feet wide room. With bathroom. Without kitchen.

Expect future poems to be about bumping into things and a palate-destroying procession of microwaved crap.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I wish I could console you, but that floorplan is too depressing and all of the life has been drained out of me. Good luck.