Friday, May 18, 2007

There's a light

Thank God for the chance to proof the galleys of one's book. It isn't that I've found many typos, or any, really, but a few spots where italics weren't quite right, or a poem no longer in the book still listed in the acknowledgments. A quotation mark missing. A word I forgot to delete. Small stuff. But things you'd want to be right.

Also, I received a pdf of the final cover, spine, and back cover and it's just awesome. I love it. I couldn't be happier with the job the University of Nebraska Press is doing with my book.


Wilco's new album Sky Blue Sky seems to be surprising some people in its straightforward style: there's no Yankee Hotel Foxtrot here, with its analog racket, but A Ghost is Born was already heading that way, or hinting that way in between its many weirdnesses. Sky Blue Sky sounds like a bit more mellow Being There, less kaleidoscopic.

Another great album. Incidentally, I saw Jeff Tweedy in Chicago at AWP back when his book of poems had just come out with Zoo Press. He was wearing a toboggan. He scowled at me.


Two poems accepted by Ecotone. That makes up for the other day's rejection which had no rejection slip, note, letter, no nothing, not even a return address. Anonymous rejection is the new trend, apparently.


Oliver de la Paz said...

Jeff Tweedy scowled at a lot of people in Chicago. I wonder . . . is he unhappy?

Matthew Thorburn said...

I got one of those once too. Pretty ominous -- just the empty SASE sealed and mailed back...