Friday, May 18, 2007

My first letter to the editor

In today's Chattanooga Times Free Press, after I shortened it by 68 words to fit their space:

Tuesday’s testimony by former deputy attorney general James Comey should strike a chord of mortal fear in Americans. Under the direction of this failed and miserable President, Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card attempted to prey on John Ashcroft, suffering in intensive care with pancreatitis, in order to strongarm the re-certification of President Bush’s warrantless wiretapping program. That both Ashcroft and Comey had determined the program to be illegal did not seem to matter. That Ashcroft could not even re-certify the program, as Comey was then acting attorney general, also didn’t seem to matter. Vulture-like, Gonzales and Card descended. The story could hardly be more cinematic but sadly it isn’t a movie. At long last this administration’s epic contempt for the rule of law, for democracy itself, even as they buffoonishly, disastrously attempt to spread it in Iraq, is coming into a harsh light. This sorry episode only adds to the sad infamy George W. Bush seems hellbent on perfecting. That Alberto Gonzales hasn’t displayed enough decency to slink away says much about the man. That our President continues to endorse him, to enable him, says far, far more about himself than we should ever be forced to know.


Looking forward to seeing it in print.

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bp said...

So YOU'RE the liberal media! I wondered where it was hiding.

I've published a few letters to the editor -- three of them to UTC's University Echo! And one of those was about the first George Bush. At the time I thought he was SO awful; little did we know the depths to which a Bush's Iraq fetish could go.