Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hard to believe, but today or tomorrow I'll be sending One More Theory About Happiness out for the first time. That's crazy talk right there but true just the same. It's very strange, somehow, almost foreign, to be doing this and that doesn't seem right. Very early versions of Notes had been going out since 2003, I guess it was, garnering a lot of finalist spots but never getting over the top; I was very much in that rhythm of sending out. Then there was the whole business with another press that essentially did nothing for an entire year. When I withdrew Notes, I only had a few prizes to enter it in and, happily, didn't need any more. So I haven't been doing this much at all since 2005, aside from the lucky few last year. Hence the strangeness. It's fun, though, and I'm looking forward to it.


Is there anyone on American Idol that's any good? At all? I haven't watched any of it but last night caught some clips. It looks like a cavalcade of completely unremarkable singers.


Overcast the last few days but when I've been out and the sun has reappeared, I've stopped to bask a bit. Twice now, drivers have stopped to ask if I'm ok, if I need help. Which is very sweet. But I wasn't aware I was expected to be in perpetual motion when in public. I'll work on that. So if you see me, be prepared to chat while jogging alongside.


I'm reading next week at the University of West Georgia, home to Sir Chad Davidson. I don't think he's really been knighted. But he probably should be. Maybe.


Lynne said...

I'm not a fan of American Idol but got sucked into the train wreck this season. Keep an eye on Melinda Doolittle if you see if again. She wasn't great this week, but my bet is on her.

John Gallaher said...

A friend of mine has a very good manuscript that has been a continual finalist for something like eight years now.

a-smk said...

Embarassing that I have to guess that this title is some collection I know nothing about. Long, long way from you're sending me your newest poem. Go ahead, Paul Guest, ignore away. It was I, Dearie to find you as your voice streamed through those Alabama radio-lines. Good fans are hard to come by. You shouldn't blow them off.