Saturday, February 03, 2007


I got the iMac and it's like a work of art, of course. Amazing to only have one power cord. Just one. Of course, partly that's gained by having fairly mediocre speakers built into the Mac's chassis; the sound quality, compared to the mini-home theater system my previous pc had, is my one demerit. I might have to get the Airport gadget to stream music to my stereo. We'll see.

I have only glancing experience with Macs so it's a little disorienting. I have decades now of DOS/Windows time put in and so know a zillion tricks and shortcuts. It'll take time before I feel as comfortable with this.

What do you Mac users use for word processing? It seems like I've got a trial for Office 2004. Suggestions?


Neil Aitken said...

I'd recommend OpenOffice -- it's a free, fully-functional MS Office replacement which runs on both Mac and PC. It can open and save out in standard MS Word formats (and others), as well as having a nice built-in PDF converter.

Go open source software!

Oliver de la Paz said...

I use MS Office 2004 and I haven't had any problems.

As far as the Airport widget to connect with your stereo--I have one and it's a pretty neat little device. Once you get your wireless network going, it's easy to stream your iTunes library to the home stereo. I do recommend purchasing an Airport Base Station first, though.

And as far as the factory speakers are concerned, they are indeed pretty lame. Treat yourself to something nice.

C. Dale said...

I use MS Word for Mac. I love it, even if it is made my Microsoft. And yes, the airport thingie is awesome. My Tivo talks to the internet via that wireless network and our laptops can talk to the stereo and even our coffee maker!

Leslie said...

I use #@%$&* MS Word, but there is a known bug that crops up randomly with it and I have it. Suddenly word started telling me my fonts were corrupt. all 389 of them. (they are not). If you don't use a ton of fonts, it shouldn't come up.

So I'm not fond, but most of the people I do work for/with use it, so I have it. I'm gonna try Neil's recommendation though.

ps--apple has some great widgits for the dashboard for free download. check those out.

Heather said...

I can't believe you went to the Dark Side, Paul.

Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time, Paul. All the good guys on the first several seasons of 24 use(d) Macs. So you might as well embrace your inherent goodness.

Joey Quinton said...

I, too, use Office for Mac. I came to Mac from the Linux world (go Open Source!) so I would also recommend OpenOffice ( to you.