Monday, February 05, 2007


The Super Bowl on my brother's 60 inch widescreen television. Which makes everything almost lifesize. Prince was great. In the rain, even. Bizarre transition from All Along the Watchtower to the Foo Fighters' Best of You, but I liked it. Maximum rock and roll in front of, what, 80,000 people or more, in the driving rain, performing with a giant marching band. That is pretty cool.


Still adjusting to my conversion. No second thoughts -- just learning a new thing. Transferring my music from my iPod is proving difficult. There's a kink somewhere.


AWP = soon.


Oliver de la Paz said...


There's an application called iPod Viewer that lets you copy the MP3's from the iPod to your computer. The link above leads you to "Version Tracker" which is a great resource for tracking Mac applications like the above mentioned.

As for Prince in the rain, I thought it was one of the better half-time shows. Although, what the hell was up with the dancers?

John Gallaher said...


At AWP, come by table #9 and say hello. It will be nice to meet you.

Paul said...

Awesome, Oliver. Thanks. That did the trick.

John, it'll be good to meet you.