Monday, February 12, 2007


Bought This Clumsy Living, Bob Hicok's new book this weekend. I liked his thank you to those who looked over the manuscript: "you fools." I'm going to steal that.

Good book, of course. Bob makes it look easy.


C. Dale recently posted about not bothering to send in poems for a Pushcart nomination. I understand that, to an extent. I just got two nominations in the mail, the nominations from previous winners, and though I've been coming up empty for six years now, I'll keep sending in.


Listening to Late Registration by Kanye West. Before that? Regina Spektor.


New poem this weekend. The first on the mac. Didn't feel any different.


Valentine's Day.


C. Dale said...


If you want to send in three poems for me, that would be great. My not sending is purely a time issue. I am swamped beyond belief and don't have the time to go find the journals, photocopy poems, mail it off, etc. It just came at a really bad time.

Congrats on the nomination. You should enter. You are a better poet than me and have a better chance.

Paul said...

I didn't mean to call you out or anything, C. Dale; I hope it didn't seem like that. If so, I'm sorry. I just meant that I understood: I did the same thing last year -- I just couldn't get it together.

C. Dale said...

No Paul, I didn't take it that way. I am just clarifying here. I have been questioned about that statement of mine several times on and offline. I wanted to make clear why I am not entering. I cannot get it together in time.