Friday, February 09, 2007


Anna Nicole Smith is dead. How bizarre, though not exactly unexpected, I guess.


It's time to make the AWP. Plans, that is. I'll be there. Haven't been thinking much about it.


I haven't watched the Grammy's in years, though I think I'll tune in to see The Police open up.


The waiting....


Anonymous said...

yes, the ANS situation is sad...paternity questions, deceased son, possible postpartum depression, probable abundance of medications, not a good mix.

my left eye won't stop tearing. psychosomatic or other, it's strange to keep wiping it day in and out.


onlyamote said...

Interestingly, methadone and anti-depressants were found in her hotel room, which were the same drugs that apparently caused her son's death. Definitely no accident there. I think that lawyer had something to do with it. But I'll stop there because I don't want to turn Paul's blog into a forum for conspiracy theories, at least not those pertaining to dead celebrities.

Anonymous said...

I miss Anna Nicole :(

Anonymous said...

We all MISS her, dude, we all miss her.