Friday, November 17, 2006


Get out of the way, people: Casino Royale today. Some of you may be tucking in with the new PlayStation, but I'll be sitting down at the poker table (traditionally baccarat, a change driving purists nuts) with Bond. James Bond. I love this series from my childhood, the Roger Moore films the ones I grew up on: I remember the first time I saw at the end of the credits the traditional text James Bond Will Return -- that blew my little mind.

I enjoyed the Brosnan films but I like the look of Daniel Craig, mean, threatening, not like he just got in from the French Riviera.

Favorite Bond films:

  • Dr. No: The original and obvious choice.
  • Goldfinger: Pussy Galore. Enough said.
  • Live and Let Die: Moore's first and the freakiest entry in the series. A borderline offensive mash-up of voodoo, bayou, Harlem, Yaphet Kotto, camp, boat chases, alligators, prosthetic limbs and God knows what else.
  • For Your Eyes Only: A surprisingly good film, lean and mean for the most part.
  • Moonraker: James Bond in space. It's so bad it's, well, still bad.
  • Goldeneye: Probably the best Brosnan film.

In the mail yesterday: contributor's copies of The Southern Review. I have to admit that was pretty cool.


Charles said...

My favorites, in no order:

Diamons Are Forever
Tomorrow Never Dies
The Living Daylights
From Russia with Love

And my absolute fave:
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Paul said...

Diamonds is awesome, as is Russia. I forgot about Thunderball: so good! Really, I can't help but love them all.

OHMSS: the most affecting one, love it too.

James said...

Sadly (or not so?), I have a sincere affection for Never Say Never Again. From the cheeseball tune--"You walk in a roooom...a body can feeeel the heat!"--to a less than hardbodied Sean Connery in an awful grey sweatsuit to the deadly 3D computer game, it's the Bond film I've watched more times than any. That may be completely related to the fact that it was the only Bond my friend in college owned, and if I recall, dubbed off T.V. no less! I hope you like the new guy. He's the Empire Strikes Back of Bond's! er...that's supposed to mean he's aces.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Congratulations on The Southern Review.

I have to go with Thunderball as my favorite-- then Dr. No.

Ginger Heatter said...

Just read "Such as Myself" in The Southern Review. Good stuff, Paul!

chicopants said...

Do you guys know Rififi?
My fav. is live and let die.
sign me up.
congratulations on the southern review. i'm just starting to send poems out little by little and learn about journals etc. Got good advice for me? like is there a best place to start? Its fun for me to follow your work like this. thanks for the example and your musings!

LKD said...

So, how was it?

How's the newest 007?

Is he Bond?

I don't have a favorite Bond flick, but I prefer Connery to all the other 007's.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

Moonraker is great fun.

A few years ago ABC started running all the Bond films in order on Sunday nights. We taped them until ABC cottoned to the fact that the movies were getting lousy ratings. Then we had to switch to the video store. So we rewatched (of course we'd seen them all before) the whole series in order. I couldn't tell you which was the best but the Timothy Dalton ones were terrible (but for the opening of Living Daylights) as they seemed to be using the creaky machinery of the Moore years and Dalton was not Moore. (Which would have been good, otherwise.) But then I liked Moore.

Casino Royale was okay. Great chase through the construction site at the beginning but after that ... eh. George Lazenby was a sweeter, softer Bond so easier to believe he could truly fall in love (especially since he was falling in love with Diana Rigg!) But our new Bond? I never believed he was in love ... or even really in Like. Thus the love affair was just wasted space in an action movie.