Thursday, November 16, 2006

Can I

It's almost AWP time and look, kids, New Michigan Press has set up a series of author signings at its bookfair table:

Stephanie Anderson: Saturday, 1-2p
Kristy Bowen: Thursday, 2-3p
Jason Bredle: Saturday, 2-3p
Paul Guest: Friday, 3-4p
John Pursley III: Saturday, 11a-noon
G. C. Waldrep: Thursday, 1-2p
Joshua Marie Wilkinson: Friday, 2-3p


Oliver de la Paz said...

And I'll be in my tent, queuing up like a pimply fourteen-year-old awaiting the release of the PS3.

Paul said...

I'll bring you some coffee and donuts.

Heather said...

can I make you sign something else besides a book?

Paul said...

Such as?

Heather said...

You could sign my hip-girl glasses.

Unless you can think of something better.

Paul said...

I'll have to give that some thought.

Heather said...

By all means, do.

Whenever I post to these blogspot blogs, I always feel like, when I'm typing in the word verification, that I'm placing an order at IKEA. I'll take the "iiekn table in teak, please."

Anonymous said...

pg, i'm totally bringing your book to best buy. fat teenagers need poetry, too!

Melanie said...

so who's bankrolling my trip to AWP this year? Anyone? Anyone?