Thursday, October 12, 2006

Lord, please, don't forsake me

Beck's new album The Information is great, if, maybe, a smidge too long. Has he made a bad, or even average, album yet? I'd like to have a sequel to Midnite Vultures, too.


Saw The Departed: very good, a return to form for Scorcese after two embarassingly obvious Oscar-bait pictures. It's not quite top-shelf: it doesn't have the kinetic swagger of, say, Goodfellas, but what does? A zillion people are offed but even more deadly than guns are the cell phones, which is curious and modern and apt.


Yesterday when I brought up Yahoo, seeing the breaking news banner about a small plane crashing into a New York building, I felt a strange wash of foreboding: a sense that it was likely an accident but that toeing that edge where it could have been something else -- it's difficult to articulate.


Fall is here. Grumble.


Montgomery Maxton said...

I saw The Departed last weekend and found Jack's performance worthy of a forthcoming naked gold man.

cK said...

The cell phone thing was pretty funny. Text messages and phones as an integral prop and plotting device. Weird.

It's far more acceptable, though, than net thrillers. I'd be interested to see if Scorsese could make someone typing e-mails nearly as interesting.

Melanie said...

So strange that fall makes you grumble.

Oliver de la Paz said...

I bought the new Beck album today. I will sum up my review in one word: stickers.