Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Anything should make you happy

Ok, continuing the fire sale, I've got one kind of goofy deal/offer:

if you'd like a copy of my first book cheap, and can put up with it being signed to someone else (I'll still sign it for you on another page), I'll sell it to you for half-price, 7 bucks, plus 2 postage. 9 total.

Someone wanted a copy once then I never heard from them again. So that's where the stray signature comes from.

Also, I have maybe two chapbooks left. Want one?


Sandra said...

Hope all finds you well. I'd love a chapbook, if you still have one. Drop me a line with address, etc. using the email on my website, .
(Can't post it here for spamming reasons...)


Laura M. said...

I'd like one--lmartineau at sbcglobal dot net. Don't worry, you have no idea who I am--I've just been following you silently for a while, led here by your last Slate poem and captivated by your work and your evident fondness for one of my favorite (regrettably lesser-known) poets, Richard Jackson. Email me with address, etc. (I'm not a stalker or spammer, promise). Cheers--LM