Thursday, September 14, 2006

High and dry

Listening this morning to The Bends. Does anyone miss the days when Radiohead still made songs? Everything after has been various sorts of cool but they can be so ravishing.


Radiohead isn't on it, but the new iTunes is pretty cool. It will download any missing album art in your collection automatically.

And, look, new iPods. The new shuffle, smaller than a matchbook, is wild. It isn't far off from the SNL skit where Will Ferrell answers a cellphone smaller than a tic-tac.


There are 2 poet bloggers on my iPod. Who could they be, do you think?


Charles said...

I love The Bends. I, too, miss those days.

The new Shuffle is hot, and I love the new iTunes!

Heather said...

That SNL skit is maybe my favorite skit ever. Mostly because Will nearly breaks character.