Thursday, September 14, 2006

Another thing

Maybe I should point out that Steve Martin's debut album was called Let's Get Small. Maybe that might explain his presence in the poem below. Sort of.

Or maybe not.


jeannine said...

Paul - Got to look at your new chapbook last night. IT is ravishing. I think I know some of those poems...I loved it. Now I'm looking forward even more to the next book!

Paul said...


Josh_Hanson said...

I love Let's Get Small," and find it to be almost completely unique in that it's primary tactic in being funny is playing the part of being a bad comedian. You know, how he keeps talking about how the show's going to start soon, sight gags (on record!), prat falls, banjos. It takes a genious to make bad comedy funny.

Which makes Billy Collins the Steve Martin of poetry?