Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ankle deep

So I ended up taking Molly out for her birthday yesterday after all. We saw The Ant Bully, which she loved but I thought was pretty generic and a distant, distant third place in the CG ants movies genre. It didn't help much that some of the opening shots were practically lifted from A Bug's Life. But she loved it.


Later I was being chased/squirted by water-guns.


I can't adequately express my love for The Venture Bros. I'd never seen it until I decided to try it out on Netflix. For someone with my misspent youth filled with comic books and Saturday morning reruns of Jonny Quest (the show is even mentioned in a poem in Notes), it hits all the pleasure spots with knowing, fatal aim. The show can hit such daffy, absurd heights I can barely stand it. I love the ever-thwarted Monarch, his neuroses. Great show.


C. Dale has a good post on Keats today, something I've thought about before. Go check it out.


Chad Simpson said...

On Venture Bros.: I've only caught snippets of a few episodes, but I'm pretty sure I saw (the monarch?) speaking to two faces frozen in ice the other night. And the faces were bickering with one another, a la Dante. I thought about emailing E. Brunner about the show but wasn't sure if it would be something up his alley, since, as I said, I've only caught snippets. After your description of the show, it seems like it might be something he'd like. And like something I should put on my Netflix queue, too.

Melanie said...

I feel that I have failed you as a friend. I was *sure* I had told you about the Venture Brothers!Thank goodness you Neetflix'ed.As someone who has had revolving VB wallpaper on my pc for some months, I feel a particular love not only for Brock but also the Doc and Doctor O. All I'm saying is watch for the "slut suit," the Brisby ep, and the "Crumbum" crack. Have you seen the Fantastic Four allusion?
I'll stop. I don't want to go down the Total Dork path publicly.

Valerie Loveland said...

Venture Bros. is such a fun show! I am a big fan of zany.