Monday, July 31, 2006

By request

Because cK asked for it, and because I forgot to write it up, my take on Miami Vice: not bad. Not as good as Collateral or Heat, and probably never intended to be, it's a dense movie that drops you right into the middle of an undercover scene in a bar. I was fairly certain for a while that a scene or two had been skipped, but no: the whole movie forces you to pay attention or be lost. Even then you're stil somewhat confused, mirroring what it's like, I imagine, to be so deep undercover. The digital camerawork looks great, especially at night with skies that seem painted. Gong Li is hot and she gets bonus points during a dance scene for looking like she's about to pick some kind of grime out of Colin's greasy mane. Some of the greatest recent kill shots. Also, now I want to take a speedboat from Miami to Havanna for drinks. So if anyone reading can set me up, that'd be great.


david dodd lee said...

You know, Paul, it shows my age, but I saw this Michael Mann movie I absolutely loved YEARS ago, called THIEF--the romance of the outlaw, staring James Caan and with music by Tangarine Dream. For a few years after I'd seen Bonnie and Clyde, I couldn't get enough of this kind of romance.
It's a really tight movie swelling
with menace but somehow you like
the characters--love them. Totally dif from, say, the mobster movies of the time, although maybe
that's just me. Another movie of this ilk from that time, or a little before, was The Long Riders,
about Jesse and Frank James an the
Younger brothers. That was like 1978 or 1980 at the latest I think.
Scary, the time passing part.

Paul said...

Thief is great. I always forget to include it when I'm talking about Mann films. And Manhunter, the first Hannibal Lecter film, which I think is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

dear paul,

i wish you could drive, and please send us a letter. Ok? And, i love you.


i just turned four.

cK said...

I was greatly swayed by the mojitos but have yet to order one since the film out of fear some wise bartender will sneer and say, "Yeah, all right, Crocket," as she disgustedly makes yet another one.

A day after MV, while hiding from the heat, I was equally swayed by the presence of rum in the latest Pirates chapter.

Apparently, the only thing that drives me to drink are movies.