Thursday, July 27, 2006

She don't care about time

I've been thinking a good dissertation topic would be the difference between a Tom Petty solo album and a Heartbreakers album. Because I sure can't tell. Not that I'm complaining. I've been listening to Tom's new album Highway Companion and digging it. Especially this song "Damaged By Love." And "Down South" with these opening lines:

Headed back down south
Gonna see my daddy's mistress
Gonna buy back her forgiveness
Gonna pay off every witness

Well, that's some kind of perfect and I'm instantly charmed, won.


Talked at length today with a friend about an old love. Which was both good and sad. As is it should be.


Tell me about your love life, in 1 sentence or less. Anonymous is ok.


Montgomery Maxton said...


Anonymous said...

Can I be your mama?

Paul said...

You'll have to submit an application.

Anonymous said...

Excited and calm at the same time; decided, at last.

David B. said...

Poetically tragic.

Su said...

Too much. Too little. Too soon.

Anonymous said...

Settling...not as a house does, but knowing I won't get what I want.

Anonymous said...

In confusion and correspondences: writing to the rediscovered love of my life, who is a happily married woman also happy to write to me, while also married to a very good woman I should love more.

Terrible Mother said...

I was dumped by my one-legged boyfriend 5 days after I graduated from my MFA program.

Seriously, and I know this is more than 1 sentence, but WTF?

Matthew Guenette said...

Snaked off the bar stool; beat with the pool cue.