Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is it getting heavy?

Congratulations to Sarah Vap for winning the Saturnalia Books contest. She gets my vote for best author's photo over there at Blackbird. Why? The cowboy hat. I just typed hot. It is kind of hot.

At any rate, I like her poems.


I received an email this morning in which someone used the word turth. Is that a word? I don't think it is. I'm puzzling over it.


I'm freaking out, just a little, mind you, with manliness still ridiculously intact, over cover art/design ideas/suggestions for Notes. I'm corresponding a little with the U. Nebraska Press people, who are great, but I'm just no good at this sort of thing.

So I'm enlisting you, people. Because you're all depressingly smarter than me. Point me in the way that I should go and I will not depart from it.

Well, I might.


Josh_Hanson said...

Have you checked out this or this?

Anonymous said...

shining sliver parts.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Agree. Cowboy hats are hot. This from a guy who grew up in cowboy hat country, Eastern Oregon. Nothing like seeing the ladies at the rodeo.

By the way, Honky Tonk is one of my favorite phrases.

Ain't that the turth?

Paul said...

Very cool links, Josh. Thanks.

Oliver: of course, truth! It was unclear in context and I'm an idiot, so it never clicked.

Sarah last name is cool because of the comic book laser sound:


C. Dale said...

You could also check out the National Gallery of Art.