Friday, July 14, 2006

About you

Updating some of my links: if you'd like to be added in, let me know. I've already put up blogs I regularly read, via bookmark, but was too lazy to update the template.


I'm still waiting for an ok to reveal my new press. I'm anxious to share. I may just have to break the rules if this embargo lasts much longer....


To that end, a few more presses who will not be publishing me this time out: not Four Way Books. Not Alice James Books. Not the University of Illinois Press. Not New Issues, my old home.


Slow this morning.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

This is Steve Fellner. Congrats about your book!

Is there any way you can email me Eliot's number. I need to talk to him. I lost it. Or can u send his current email. Thanks.

Sam of the ten thousand things said...

Thanks for your writing, Paul.

If you're interested, I'd like to be added to your list.