Monday, June 05, 2006


Busy weekend with weird dreams interspersed: one was the kind that made perfect sense within itself, within its dream logic, but upon waking I have a difficult time even conceptualizing it, let alone verbalizing it. It was something about some kind of next-generation weapon, a ray gun of sorts, I think, but then it ventured off into something about fractions and other really weird esoterica. Another dream was much more mundane but entirely pleasant: at some kind of conference, AWP or its twin/clone, seeing friends, and somehow Mark Halliday appears, which is really strange. I like his work well enough but, well, the next thing you know somebody will be dreaming about me. And that way lies madness, friends.


Lots of writing, even on the memoir. Unbelievably, I might just do it this time. I will pass out.


Watching the fourth season of The X-Files, which continues to be a tremendous show. I never watched it while it was on, though I did go see the movie in Carbondale. I knew enough about the gist of the show, the characters, through cultural osmosis to follow the film well enough and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Thanks to dvd and Netflix I've been watching it for some time, probably about halfway through my viewing of Buffy.

Which gets me to thinking about Joss Whedon and his current stabs at a feature film directing career. Which I think is misguided. Television is a writer's medium and his particular and peculiar gifts are in writing: characters, dialog, story, arcs, mythologies, etc. He's a fine director but not so distinctive as to blow away the world.

So he's off writing Wonder Woman and preparing to direct it, but I can't help but think he'd contribute more playing in his own sandbox.

But I was talking about The X-Files. Fox Mulder is a surprisingly, to me anyway, moving and compelling character. Eternally the wounded little boy, bereft of his sister, grabbing at straws.

And I just watched an episode set in Chattanooga, which was pretty cool.


Lots of my friends have been at or near the beach. Wilmington, Daytona Beach. But not me. Something is wrong with that.


Melissa Jones Fiori said...

I completely agree about Joss Whedon. TV is a wasteland without one of his shows. (It's true: I've never exactly gotten over the end of Buffy.) p.s. Send your address for payment so I can snag one of the books you've got on offer.

Paul said...

Email me at and we'll set it up....