Monday, May 29, 2006

Tattoo me

Happy Memorial Day, y'all.


X-Men 3 wasn't all that great, I thought, a mixed bag. I enjoyed it but there's a lot of problems with it, the greatest of them being all the shortcuts needed to get the film done on its hyper-rushed schedule. For example, Wolverine severs a Sentinel's head off-screen, which thunks to the ground; he then steps from behind it and it's clear that he just, uh, walked out from behind this prop. It's not exactly bad-ass. And the Juggernaut looks fairly retarded, especially the cheap-o helmet mashed on his melon of a head. Nothing ever quite feels as epic as what they were hoping for, I think.

Still, there's a lot that's good. It keeps the same look, visually, as the previous films. There's a nice flashback scene with Magneto wearing a purple leisure suit, which screams pimp. There's a betrayal that really works, that I really felt. It's funnier than the previous two. The very last shot. The hidden scene after the credits. The last scene between Wolverine and Jean.

I'm not sure why I'm writing so much about this; I never really read the X-Men comics. I guess it's useful to think about missing the mark.


Still high on the Dwight concert.

I know I'm well behind the curve on this but I love the cover of "One" Mary J. Blige does with, well, U2. Seeing her perform it the other night reminded me it was out there, so I got it off iTunes. Now I want her to do an album with them.


I've been thinking again about memoir. Mine. How does one write so much? Especially about one's self?

Maybe I'll do it.


Who's grilling out? What should I bring?


Ali Davis said...

I suspect Ander and M. are grilling out in good old Grand Raggedy. We should totally crash it.

c said...

The world is much too big for one person, obviously. Having said that, I've never, ever understood the Mary J. Blige allure; certainly not since living in a flea-bag tenement and hearing my across-the-hall neighbor belt out atrocious renditions of Mary J. Blige songs. I saw the American Idol performance. Gad, you call that a duet?

Paul said...

I've never cared for her either. But I do like this U2 bit.