Friday, May 26, 2006

If there was a way

Dwight Yoakam was a kick in the head last night. Great show. The concert was sold out or very nearly so: a great atmosphere, though in the intermission between the opening act, a local band I thought were pretty great, people would start to whistle, stomp, cheer, clap. The clapping would start to spread only to splinter off. Definite rhythm deficit in full effect. Dwight's entrance was full of the inimitable hip/knee action he's got down, guitar cradling back and forth, spinning honky tonk pirouettes.

A fierce-looking, dark headed, humorless girl was seated beside me, looking like she was certain I'd soon bite. Two grandmotherly ladies behind me chatted me up the whole evening.

What kept ocurring to me was how many great song weren't being played because, well, all the
other great songs were being played.

I thought about leaving halfway through: I hadn't had much to eat all day and started feeling light-headed, woozy, but it passed after a while. I'm glad I didn't.


Today, X-Men 3.


cK said...

If they're serious about their mutant tolerance message, I think the cast ought to act in their X-Men getups for all future acting roles.

Do you hear me, Ms Romijn?
-Captain Kirk

ps: Wither Van Helsing 2?

Paul said...

One can only hope for Van Helsing 2....