Monday, May 22, 2006


I love this story. During my Carbondale days, I saw some deer but I was never menaced by any, thankfully. Those years were plenty crazy enough, thank you very much.


The Da Vinci Code wasn't bad, though I was about eighteen steps ahead of it most of the time. And Alfred Molina really bugged me: he seemed to radiate a completely inauthentic vibe as the priest. I never believed him. I mostly thought about his little priest costume being ill-fitting.

But, that said, I liked it ok. A really crazy director probably could have made something incendiary with it, something potent, but Ron Howard, well, he's Ron Howard.


Feeling good. New poems soon. At least I hope so.


cK said...

Crickey! That deer story comes at a great time, as the Croc Hunter is in need of a new schtick. He's just troppo enough to do it.

Paul said...

I'd be down with a, um, Deer Hunter show set in Carbondale. Seems perfect.

Kells said...

And Alfred Molina really bugged me--

Me too!

And I hadn't realized that it was *that* actor, I had myself convinced it was that TV actor from Spin City and Mad About You. I just kept saying, "He doesn't look right."

No, he didn't work for me either.