Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So I make with the jokes about the complete disaster that is my life these days, but in truth it isn't particularly amusing. I've been unemployed for nearly a year and I'm broke. So if anyone out there knows of any teaching positions that might be open or opening, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I'm not even talking about tenure track; if lecturer positions are available, I'm interested.

And, yes, I'm pathetic.


RageMonkey said...

If it makes you feel any better, (on the subject of rejection and despair) I was once refused membership in a hosiery club! What do these people really do, and what kind of oaf am I not to qualify?

(Feel free to speculate.)

Laurel said...

Likewise, I've been hunting adjunct to no avail. Adjunct!!!

Neil Aitken said...

I'm being deported to Canada as soon as graduation is over in June. No job. No place to stay. And all my family are in the process of moving, but they don't know where either.

Almost, I'm persuaded to be a mime.

Anonymous said...

The Chronicle of Higher Education Careers


Tim E. said...

Whatever you do, do not teach at a two year school (like me). Even though I'm paid millions and millions of dollars-- unemployment, crazy atoms, graft, scabies, all, all are better. Having a soul is better. We do not have souls in the first place. But if we did. imho.

LBehrendt said...

Paul -- have you ever considered taking on private students? You could critique manuscripts via email, charge several hundred dollars, and be doing a good deed at the same time. I don't think you have to be super famous to do that these days -- and you seem to have many people who really love your work and would value your opinion. Just a suggestion. Good luck -- hope things look up for you soon.

...p.s. pleeeeease take that awful joey b. picture off of your blog. I think it's contributing to your bad luck lately.