Friday, April 07, 2006


Another manuscript going out in the mail today, which is kind of exciting, as always. Potential, possibility, the unknown: of course, it's potential for almost certain doom. But that's what we sign up for, right?


Should I buy the Apple Extended Warranty plan thing? It's 59.99.


Thunderstorms on the way.


Charles said...

Extended warranty = yes.

Anne said...

From the looks of it, there was a lot worse than just regular thunderstorms on the way -- they've been showing some scary footage of tornado damage all around TN. Hope everything is OK!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Paul!

I am enjoying your blog, and very curious about the world of writing, as a novice poet myself. Are you open to glancing over some work? Even if not, I'd love to be in touch.

If you like, you can check out some of my silly prose at chickens are more attentive to grammar than I am; they might make you laugh.


RageMonkey said...

Hi, Paul.

Anonymous here, a.k.a. Julianne. Returned following the joyous rediscovery of my username and password. Have been much away from double-click publishing (sigh).

Please do not be put off by my blogger display name; I adopted it last summer, when monkeys were all the rage.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Get the warranty, Paul. That should cover battery issues, LCD issues, etc. Those video iPods have a tendency to break down, I've heard.

Paul said...

Got it!

Jude Goodwin said...

Don't bother with the warranty. I've had apples since the mid 80s and they never break. They don't get viruses, they never crash. And besides, we upgrade computers so often, warranties are really not needed. If it were a vacuum cleaner, then I'd say go for it!