Sunday, March 26, 2006


What to do when a typo might conceivably make your poem more interesting? There's a typo in "The Numbers are Not In" as it appears on Verse Daily:

The world is filled with those who want
someone else, just as the world
is split in halves, or hemispheres
if we want the world that says it
with a measure of beauty.

Now, as I wrote it, and as it appears in Passages North, world is "word." But I kind of like the tweak here, though three worlds in four lines is pushing it. I can't decide if it adds anything, or if it's inconsequential overall. Opine for me.


Email today from a publisher in Belgium doing a daily desk calendar of poems, asking to reprint my poem "These Arms of Mine." Which is out in American Literary Review, though I haven't received my copies yet. Amazing how these little scribblings circulate throught, well, the world, I guess.

I said yes. Names like Pinsky, Collins, Dove, etc., appeared in last year's edition. Why not me? Wait, don't answer that.


Secret project created yesterday.


Penultimatina said...

The one time I had a poem in Ploughshares it ended up with a typo: instead of "beside" it said "besides." Nobody really noticed, perhaps because it was a rather folksy turn.

Kudos on the desk calendar pub!

Paul said...

Thanks, Mary.

I saved a friend of mine from a typo in Ploughshares a few years back. Nobody had noticed it.

Amanda Auchter said...

Congrats on the calendar! Wish you could've been at AWP. Next year, perhaps?

Paul said...

Next year is a go. Atlanta is practically in my backyard.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Paul. This is Chad Parmenter, occasional commenter on your blog, constant Paul fan. I think I got an e-mail from the same Belgian company last spring, asking for one of my poems, and I looked for them on the web and just found one site, that seemed more or less legit. They said they'd send me a complimentary copy, but I never heard anything else from them.

But, then, what kind of scam could they pull? It's poetry, so they can't be after our money.

Paul said...

I found the site too. I figured there's no downside to including the poem, so why not?