Tuesday, November 22, 2005


The man who delivered my pizza last night, who goes to church with my parents and thus knows me, was murdered by one of his customers, presumably shortly after making my delivery. According to the news, he was given a bad check, sent back to collect the money, where the customer beat him to death with a hammer, then hid the body and car in the garage.

Later, the man killed himself. Inside the home, police found his 86 year old grandmother, dead in a closet.

And, no, I'm not kidding.


Oliver de la Paz said...

Woah . . . that's really really scary stuff, Paul. Not much more I can say.

How're you holding up?

Paul said...

I'm fine. It's just spooky.

Anne said...

Holy shit. That's horrible.

A. D. said...

holy crap.

cornshake said...

oh. my. gawsh. that's the stuff of nightmares!

bp said...

Wow, man. That's insane.

I use to deliver pizza in high school and early college. You're definitely in some vulnerable situations. The pizza place I worked for, though, wouldn't deliver to certain streets, and would never have sent us to collect on a bad check; they'd have called the cops.

How terrible to think that, as he began his shift, he was probably thinking about any number of things, but not that his life might end that night. Horrible.

The Blind-Winger Jones said...

That is an horrendous story :-0

We've just had a case over here of this young woman who was beaten up quite randomly and left for dead. She somehow survived, and it's turned up this week that the guy who did it has killed himself. He left this heartbreaking letter to his girlfriend and his child about his "two-natures".

It gathered a lot of attention as it happened in supposedly "the safest corner, of the safest county in England."

Looking forward to recieving the book Paul, thanks very much for shipping it over here :-)

C. Dale said...

This is truly horrible, Paul. It is scary because it sounds like a bad TV movie, but it isn't. I cannot imagine how the manager/supervisor who sent him back there must feel.

Paul said...

It sounds completely like some bad tv movie, but there it is, for real. He was a middle-aged man, too, mid-fifties, I'd guess; I don't think he was only a delivery person, more like a manager. That's probably why he went to see about the money himself.

It's weird to think I spoke to him, gave him money, chatted a bit, before he drove off to be murdered.

Stephanie King said...

Oh my goodness. Just checking out your blog and this is the first post I saw...

What a horrible story.

I will keep you and your town in my thoughts.

Alexis Z said...

Oh my gosh!

"the mayor" said...

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