Tuesday, July 05, 2005


This weekend I saw both War of the Worlds and Land of the Dead. In some ways, I preferred Land: it has a chilly blue tint that's wonderfully atmospheric and some of the ideas about the evolution of the zombies are neat. As for War, I enjoyed it a lot: it has some of the best special effects ever seen, cunningly staged. The tripods lumbering about on the horizons are startlingly real, holographic almost. And there a half-dozen brilliant set pieces effortlessly realized by Spielberg, but I can't escape the feeling the movie's insistence on keeping its focus personal deflates the movie somewhat rather than elevating it. The devastation is epic, but not quite epic enough.


I'll be posting some pics of me later today, I think.


Everything healing up nicely here. My arm is still sore but getting better; it's going to be the slowest recovery. My face is better, though I catch people staring, which is funny. A lady in Eckerd's asked if I got in a fight. "With the ground," I said.


4th was nice enough here, with evening rain. Firecrackers popping through the night.

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Glenn Ingersoll said...

It's a classic plot -- man against nature!

Quick healing!