Sunday, July 10, 2005

Flame ... on?

Man, Fantastic Four is a pile of junk. It's agreeable in its way, amiable, but lacking anything that approaches cleverness or elegance or audacity. It looks like a moderately budgeted television episode and feels like that. Nothing much ever happens and when it does it's over before it ever really begins. I predict people will like it, despite its generally rotten reviews. It's light and fun, but fun of a sort that isn't truly fun.


Dinner tomorrow night with Miss Victoria Chang and husband Todd. I'm looking forward to that very much, though squalls of Dennis-rain may be dumping all about us by then. To which I say, bah. And double bah.


What is the internet trying to tell me? IM's keep popping up, inviting me to join, absolutely free of charge, an online dating service.

The internet loves me, wants me to be happy, is baking brownies right now in the kitchen and whatever song it's singing, well, I think it sings to me.


Eduardo C. Corral said...

FF is a terrible flick. And I usually cut films based on comics a lot of slack, but this film is almost as bad the Hulk film. The acting is so-so, and the special effects are cheesy. And what's up with The Thing latex suit? It looks like a ten dollar affair. Sad. Did they have a budget? But I didn't have much hope for the film. Afterall, the FF are pretty lame comic book characters. The only cool thing about the FF comic is the Silver Surfer.

Please say hi to Victoria for me! Better yet, let me say it:

Hi Victoria!

Paul said...

It is pretty bad, because it was a rush job, started last fall, made with a Z-grade cast, and a director with no discernible eye. Bleh.

I will say hi to Victoria.....

Ali Davis said...

I'm ashamed to say I saw it. A friend made me do it. "The internet loves me, wants me to be happy." I love that. That is a line I could steal, but won't.

Paul said...

Take it! It's yours!

jeannine said...

Aha! You've saved me ten dollars by advising me to stay away from a comic book movie...Thanks!
Also, say hi to the lovely and gracious Victoria - hope you don't have too much rain!

Oliver de la Paz said...

It is indeed a pretty rotten film. I mean, I know they're the original powers and all that, but now those powers seem so lame.

And Jessica Alba can't act. . .

Hi Victoria.