Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Peeling the onion

Victoria and Todd will recognize the subject header. They arrived yesterday around five or so; I had been sitting outside in the blustery day, waiting for some sight of them pulling up, but then decided to go in for a while. I turn on some Percy Sledge in my room, and couldn't hear them knocking. But I had that extra-sensory idea that they might be at the door and, sure enough, Todd was peeking through the window. We talked for a bit then walked downtown, where we had dinner at Sticky Fingers, a bluesy local BBQ place. Such fun. Good conversation. Afterwards, I did the tourist guide thing, taking them down to the aquarium, the river, to the spot where I fell (complete with still visible blood stains!), and across the Walnut Street Bridge, where we got ice cream at Clumpie's. Victoria surprised me with a t-shirt from there, which she should not have done. Too very sweet.

By then, both of them were tired, having driven from Asheville, so we walked back and they drove to their hotel downtown. I was sad to see them go. I hate that I know so many good people scattered across the country, the world. Still, I'm blessed all the same.


C. Dale said...

I got to see Victoria graduate from Warren Wilson. The grad ceremony was kind of sweet. Did she show you the giant walking stick they gave her. Apparently they give their grads not just a degree/diploma but also a giant walking stick hand-carved from some nifty wood.

Paul said...

She didn't show it to me, but did tell me about it. A neat idea, I think.

I wonder what they'd give me?


Melanie said...

Blah -- I feel that "everyone is scattered all over the country" feeling too, lately