Thursday, June 30, 2005

Feeling better

On the mend here, though I still look like the start line of a drag strip. Pain is mostly gone, and my left arm, which was sprained pretty severely, is feeling much better. I took pictures last night and today. When they're developed, I'll scan and post.


How is everyone?


Persephone said...

Squeaking by ... O'Connor's announcement made the afternoon hectic and stressful -- had to pitch the story. And during all this I'm painfully aware of the minutes ticking by as I need to go pay my Property Taxes, they close at 4, and the drive is going to take an hour and a half.

Ever have a day like that?

I missed it -- Now I'm liable for the whole ball of wax. My fault I know for being late with it in the first place -- just so frustrating.

Happy you're on the mend. Not sure I'll be able to look at pics of you all battered.

Radish King said...

Lonely and blue.
Post a poem.
That will help.

Anonymous said...

well glad you're feeling better. If you can get to a health food store pick up some arnica cream. It's homepathic. That helps with bruising. It helped a lot when...I got hit by a car.

Ali Davis said...

I'm not feeling well emotionally, but I love your rock story. It made me really proud. It made me feel strong. Put Vitamin E oil on your wounds too. This will prevent scarring. You can just puncture a Vitamin E pill, the gelatin casing, with a pin, if you like, and squeeze it out. It's fun that way. Write me another poem, please!

Peter said...

Glad you are feeling better . . . it sounds like a quite a spill you took.
If only you had a video of it: you could make some money on AFHV?