Monday, May 16, 2005


It feels like I've been absent, in many ways, for the last week or so. But I'm back, I think. I've got my hand up in the air, waving my hand in the air, yelling present!. But not really yelling. It's early yet.


Got my first royalty payment on Friday. A large box arrived via UPS. I was puzzled when I opened it to find 50 new copies of my book. The invoice indicated no charge, that this was a royalties payment. I haven't looked at my contract in three years, but I do believe this might have been stated how royalties would be paid. Which is fine by me. I'll sell them eventually. If anyone wants one, let me know.

And I think this also means I've sold through the first printing. Which is cool.


Attended my little cousin Molly's kindergarten graduation Saturday morning, which was uber cute. I can't decide if the inner directors inside each teacher come out full force for these types of things: songs, etc. Crazy. But adorable.

I met a guy I went to high school with, who has a son in Molly's class. He's an occupational therapist now and apparently uses me as some sort of example often when working with his patients.

I think he meant here's what not to do.


Here's anothing thing not to do: rent Blade Trinity. Mark brought it over the other day and boy, was that a rather whimpersome end to an otherwise fun comicbook flick series. Just dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Granted, I wasn't as depressed by it as I was by Hannibal. I love Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal was just unspeakably awful. I still wince. Of course, it didn't help that the theater we saw it in should have been condemned: whole rows were roped off because of torrential leaks in the ceiling when it rained.

And it was raining. The girl I was dating at the time was not amused. She was seated right beside a splash-zone. Ah, movie memories.


No poetry news.


And Star Wars this week. Of course, I am a child of the Star Wars generation, at just the right age when those movies seared themselves into my brain. These prequels have been, well, largely forgettable, with little veins here and there of that old, galvanic movie magic. But I hope this one is better.


What's new in your world?


C. Dale said...

Congrats on selling out your printing! And I cannot wait for Star Wars this week.

Wendy Wisner said...

Hey you.

louise said...

Hey Paul--

If your NI contract is like mine, you get that second 50 copies after you sell thru 500-- which is pretty damn great! Good for you... I have my doubts I will ever get to that point--

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Stumbled over here from Jake Adam York's blog, and have enjoyed the reading, thanks. Of course, wanting to post a comment required me to create a Blogger login, and doing so conveniently talked me into creating my own blog, so... I don't know whether to blame you or thank you!

Now that you've got some extra books, I'd love to get a copy. Send me the details on paying, or perhaps you'd be interested in a trade for my new book of poems, Riverfall, published about eleven days ago by Salmon Publishing in Ireland? More info at

Contact me at sb at riverfall - com to work out the details.

Thanks much,

Simmons Buntin

Paul said...

Hey Simmons, I'll be in touch!

And thanks, Louise....

Jason said...

If you want to torture yourself, try reading Hannibal. It's about a million times worse than the movie. Seriously the worst piece-of-crap book I've ever read. Like Stephen King writing a Harlequin Romance.

early hours of sky said...

Well Louise I bought your book so there!!!

And Paul nice to have you back and congrats. You are well on your way to 1000.