Monday, May 30, 2005


Monday and here I am with a broken down chair. Luckily, it's the fifteen year old chair; the good one, back at my place, still runs like a champ. I'm here at my parents' for barbeque of some sort. With the chair refusing to move more than an inch without shutting down, I'm stuck in the push chair, waiting for someone to push me around. Which is not so great. But I'll manage. I've been without a chair for as long as six weeks before. When people tell me I have great patience, it's those times that created it.

Otherwise, it's Memorial Day. I always half-think Jerry Lewis should be on tv doing his atrocious telethon. But then I realize that's for Labor Day.

And then I feel sane again.

So, hi. Tomorrow: a very special episode of my blog.

Well, not really. ;)

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gina said...

Paul, I'll remember: you're awesome.