Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Today is Walt Whitman's birthday, born in 1819. Happy birthday, Walt!

And it's also the 19th anniversary of my accident. Which is weird in at least a few ways. Weird in that 19 years seems almost an incalculable amount of time. Weird in that this date doesn't actually mean anything to me. I once forgot about it, missing it by several weeks. I had to laugh.

And it really is a day that's no different than any other. I don't believe I could muster up any kind of somber feelings. I remember it because of Walt and because a good friend's birthday is on the 30th.

Otherwise, it doesn't mean much. That said, I remember the day so very vividly. I had just graduated from the sixth grade the day before. It was a Saturday and I was invited to the house of my gifted teacher for a cookout. I got up early, dressed in these awful yellow shorts and shirt, and left.

A few hours later I'd break my neck in two places on a borrowed 10 speed bike. Lying there in that ditch, I'd know my left arm was broken by the crooked way it lay across my chest. My right arm, broken also, was underneath me, out of sight. I couldn't feel anything.

The whole story is, of course, epic and horrible. And not horrible.

Writing this brings me back to the memoir I pick at from time to time. If only I were more interested in myself!


C. Dale said...


Anniversaries of this kind are exactly as you say. They both mean something and nothing at the same time. I think it must be a way for the mind to stay healthy. And you should write a memoir. I bet a lot of people would read it.

Radish King said...

I'd read it. I think you're fascinating.

Peter said...

I loved your book of poems; I bet the memoir would be fascinating too, or at least a different perspective than the poems.

bp said...

Well, now that we found out you're not Deep Throat, what could you possibly have to say? Oh...you weren't THAT Deep Throat, but...

Just kidding. If you wrote a memoir, there's a strong chance I'd have Karri read it and summarize the high points for me.

Who plays you when it's adapted as a Lifetime movie? I vote for Jamie Foxx.

Paul said...

Robin Williams, I think. Or Richard Simmons.

LKD said...

No, no, no.
Scott Foley, silly. He's you, remember? Or, you're him. Noel. From Felicity.

Oh, and I'd read your memoir. So, write it already. (smile)

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Gene Simmons, perhaps?! I hear he's an aspiring actor, among other things.