Tuesday, March 15, 2005

If the sky can crack, there must be some way back

High on a U2 b-side, "Electrical Storm." Should have replaced one of the middling tunes on their latest. As Bono dives into his pool-like vault of money, ala Scrooge McDuck.


This makes me so very happy:



My birthday was pretty pathetic. No, it was ok. Had dinner with my mom and my friend Mark, who called just as we were going, so he joined in. Afterwards, he carried an old recliner into my apartment for me and we hung out, flipping the channel. Mostly, we watched a COPS marathon. No, wait, it was pathetic.


Meacham is this week. Busy, busy. But it'll be great to see Rodney. I hurt his feelings last year in Chicago: he was feeling hungover, morose over the amount of alcohol he had imbibed, and I good-naturedly said he needed to get himself to church. We're both from the south, Alabama and Georgia, and we both know that cultural impetus. And it must have cut through to the days when he was raised up in that. "That's pretty fucking cold, man," he said. Finally, I went up to him and said, "C'mere, you, give me a hug," and, as old ladies down here might say, loved on him.

Rodney Jones, give him a hug when you see him.


aimee said...

happy belated, P! (insert random coughs throughout this comment so it will sound authentic since i am still battling the flu) btw, i too love the hulk's blog. omg, i am such a nerd, but i love all things hulk. cough cough.

Wil said...

Happy Birthday from me, too. (Mine's this Tuesday.) Great Hulk link; also, great Scrooge McDuck pool-of-money image. Had to share my appreciation. If you check my blog, disruptivejuxtaposition.blogspot.com, you'll see that I've passed you The Stick; feel free to pass it along as well! - Wil Lobko

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your b-day - I tried.