Saturday, December 18, 2004

Some good news

In the mail today: a postcard from Hunger Mountain, with the news they're nominating my poem "Questions for Godzilla" for a Pushcart Prize. That makes four nominations this year, an embarassment of riches.

Much needed news--I'm in a funk.


Suzanne said...

Rock Star! Whoohoo, and I might add, well deserved. :-)

Kells said...

Very cool! Good news on the early Christmas present.

Best of luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Taylor here.

Questions for Godzilla, a Pushcart. I was thinking along the lines of a Nobel.

If you can't see from this poorly compressed version, you're book is all up in this video.

Vote for me.
Tell others.
Let's get a bad punk rock video on MTV recorded by me and featuring your book on MTV.

What beautiful justice awaits us.

I have the slightest inkling that you'll get a kick out of this.

Anonymous said...

and I do mean "You are book".

I'm sharp.