Friday, December 17, 2004

I haven't

checked my university email address in two days. Insert copious diabolical laughter. That feels good. Of course, there's probably something really important waiting on me there....


I'm fighting a cold, I think. Sneezy all day. I've lazed about watching tv and movies. Aside from this cold, I think I'm in that staring at the walls phase that Louise Gluck talks about. Aside from my poem for Wendy, I'm pretty quiet in the head. And generally content to be so. For now.


Has anyone else been dreaming about me? Recent posts by Steve Mueske and Jennifer Drake Thornton both have me appearing in their dreams.

So, c'mon, 'fess up. Details.


Anonymous said...

I dreamed you were ice-skating on the hood of my car...
No, really, little skirt, tights, and all.

*dumb smile*

Anonymous said...

Yes, I actually did! The other night I dreamed that we were talking on the phone. True story. :) Funny that you should ask that...